This yearlong course offers students seeking an independent laboratory experience an opportunity to design and execute an original research project of their choice in the biological, physical, or social sciences. Each student works in collaboration with a faculty mentor and a professional research scientist in a format determined by the student, the mentor, and the instructor. Students are required to work two weeks during the summer preceding their enrollment in the class. Students write a critical review paper and a research paper, both in scientific journal format, and present the results of their year’s research to members of the department and others in the Berkshire community.

Projects 2014-2015 Edit

Michael Schiffer

Brian Yue

Yuze Zhang

Projects 2013-2014 Edit

Shuvam Chakraborty

Jake Diamond

Gwynne Domashinski

Mary Gao

Olly Liu

Stefano Longo

Michelle Jung

Sam Mogul

Son Nguyen

JiWon Ryoo

Stefano Longo

Projects 2012-2013 Edit

Linda Kim

Sissi Wang

Ernest Yue

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